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slightly more dynamic stretches

As with any warm up, it needs to be specific to the sport, so here is our recommended approach to warming up for running:

Start with some gentle dynamic movements. This means starting with some movements that replicate what you would be doing Nike Internationalist Mujer when you run i.e. walk while lifting your knees up high and then walk with your heels lifting up towards to your bum; avoid any rapid jolting movements.

Introduce movements that will raise your heart rate. Start to up the pace so introduce activities like deep air squats, walking lunges and mountain climbers; still at a reasonable pace where you can still comfortably hold a conversation.

Add in Nike Janoski Womens more dynamic stretches. Now your breathing and www.dkmaxskodame.com heart rate is elevated and your body is fairly warm you can add in slightly more dynamic stretches such as these below:

Hip Flexor Stretch

Stand in one spot and raise your thigh up towards your chest as much as possible whilst standing up straight, using the opposite arm for balance; lower the leg and repeat on the other side.This stretch really helps to open up the hips and will improve your stride Adidas Superstar Femme length. Bend forward at the waist and extend your Adidas Ultra Boost Mujer leg backwards, whilst pumping your arm on the side of the leg forwards and the other arm backwards (almost like running with one leg stuck to the ground).



2018-01-15 06:33:28



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