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bonding process

Naturally, the price is relatively low compared to solid wood bathroom cabinets. Disadvantages: Due to the difference in the wood material of the substrate and the solid wood board, due to the effect of the bonding process and the adhesive material, the cracking phenomenon can easily occur, and the waterproof effect is affected. Blister bathroom cabinet Mainly PVC as a plastic panel, after vacuum hot-pressure adsorption on the density board or moisture-proof board, moisture-proof board for the curing of wood pulp with moisture-proof particles, generally blue or green, plastic sheet can be sucked into one, No need for edge banding, excellent moisture-proof and waterproof performance. Advantages: rich colors, high temperature resistance, scratch resistance, easy to clean. Disadvantages: Low chemical resistance. High-grade oak bathroom cabinet With oak as the main base material, it adopts water-proof and environmental protection paint spray brushing treatment. Compared with other man-made boards, the formaldehyde emission from the solid wood cabinet is lower, the natural environment protection is also more durable. Advantages: Health, environmental protection, natural and honest, high-grade and elegant. Disadvantages: expensive The substrate is the main body of the bathroom cabinet. It is concealed by the surface material and is concealed. It cannot be seen. However, under the precondition that the same type of surface material is used, the type of substrate selected determines the quality and price of the cabinet. When consumers purchase, they must understand the texture and performance of the substrate and choose the product that suits them.
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