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air jordan 16 Cyber Monday Deals


Keeping track of Air Jordans air jordan Black Friday Sale used to be easy. Back when Mike was racking up scoring titles and slam-dunk championships (but not the other kind of championships quite yet), releases were limited to three or four colorways a year. There were no retros, some models weren't even released as lowtops. Now? Forget about it. There have likely been as many Air Jordans released this year so far as there were in the first seven or eight years of Mike's career combined. As such, some models fall by the wayside without getting the respect they deserve. 

Not that it wasn't uncertain air jordan Cyber Monday Sale with the two models before the 16, but Air Jordan 16 came with a heightened sense of insecurity. Jordan 14s had died a premature death, sadly at the hands of Michael Jordan himself, who didn't wear it throughout the season, and Jordan 15 couldn't attract a large number of customers.Now, the sense of uncertainty was on its height. Nobody believed that the series could stay alive and reproducing after Jordan's retirement, but the Air Jordan range was too stubborn to give up.

For once, JB brings back a air jordan 16 Cyber Monday Deals retro that I like, but unfortunately not in the color I was expecting. I had three pairs of the Ginger 16 and destroyed every single one of them. The Air Jordan 16 XVI Retro White Navy is set to release right after the Jordan 3 Wool on Dec 22. The Jordan 16 were originally crafted in 2001 by Wilson Smith, Nike senior designer. By 2001, every NBA fan knew that MJ's retirement was imminent; the AJ16 was designed with his transition from the court to the boardroom in mind.

In his place, it was Wilson Smith, air jordan Thanksgiving Sale Nike's Senior Footwear Designer, who had to do it. He cleverly retained the best parts of Hatfield's design and introduced innovations of his own. He gave the Air Jordan 16 a gaiter/shroud —something no previous Jordan family model had. This served two purposes: first, it looked really cool; second, it had thermal functionality.




2017-11-09 08:22:26



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