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Captain Commando
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future for minimalism

The most recent issue of SGB Weekly features an interesting article by Thomas Ryan on the future of Nike Roshe Run Dames minimalist running shoes. The article focuses on current trends, and runs through how each manufacturer plans to approach the continually evolving footwear marketplace.

The opening paragraphs give a pretty good flavor of what follows:

With many runners reportedly finding barefoot extreme to be too ‘extreme’ for them, more cushioning and support is being added to ultra-lightweight run models for Spring 2014.

“I think consumers are realizing that minimal or natural footwear is not a silver bullet or the across-the-board solution for all runners,” said Mike Thompson, Pearl Izumi’s product line manager, run footwear. He noted that despite all the minimal discussion, Nike Air Max 90 Damen nine out of 10 shoes purchased at specialty run are ‘traditional’ run footwear, with stability still making up almost half that market.

At the same time, Thompson noted, “the days Adidas Ultra Boost Mujer of 12 or 13 ounce stability shoes are dying quickly” in an ongoing push away from gadgets and overbuilt cushioning technologies in midsoles.

The general gist is that the push toward ever lighter footwear will continue, but that stripped down shoes with some cushion seems to be the way of the future for minimalism (though barefoot-style shoes will remain as a niche market). This trend is well evidenced by the shoe on the cover of the issue:The shoe pictured is part of the Merrell All-Out collection, which will be arriving in Spring 2014. I had the opportunity to see this shoe in person a few weeks ago, and it is a departure from shoes like the Bare Access and Nike Air Max 90 Femme Fleur Ascend Glove which have a very firm feel underfoot. The All Out shoes are road-trail hybrids that have a much softer midsole, which for me at least should make running long on roads a Nike Air Force 1 Mujer more comfortable experience. This is one of shoes I’m most excited about for next year.

Other tidbits of note include:

1. Brooks PureProject shoes will get a new sole with a more rounded heel in version 3. The toe-flex groove is being moved to allow the first two toes to function as a unit. I’m skeptical about the value of this since toes 2-5 are flexed by the same muscles, and the big toe is flexed by different muscles – try flexing toes 1 and 2 together independently of the rest, doesn’t work too well, does it … I do like this quote from a Brooks rep:



2018-10-10 04:48:20



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