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We’re continuing to pay attention to realm pairing

We’re continuing to pay attention to realm pairing and tech changes that can help ensure more even fights involving the Alliance plus the Horde, together with reduce the queue times to find yourself in the PvP zone for anyone realms experiencing them. Further into the coming year our focus are going to be on updating and expanding this article Ashran offers in big new ways, but we’ll have an overabundance of info on that as we get closer to patches beyond 6.1.

Raiders are continuing to relish Highmaul in every its ogre-y glory, and that we’re watching how things engage in as being the last couple wings open in Raid Finder difficulty. While progression through Highmaul continues, Warlord Blackhand is eagerly awaiting your arrival in the Blackrock Foundry raid.  You can get more from our site:http://www.wowgold-sales.com/. . We’re expecting Blackrock Foundry being easily obtainable in February. We’ll announce specific dates once we’ve seen really how Highmaul progression . . . progresses. 6t9dfje



2015-04-13 06:25:34



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